The Book of Aquarius
Alchemy and the Philosophers' Stone (Classic Reprint)

Date de parution
il y a 1391 jours

A request that the author contact me.

The book is interesting. He has given me a new idea on how to attack this secret. According to him, he has only achieved the "black stage", to which there are still a couple more to be completed. So he is still NOT in possesion of the Philosophers' Stone. He has given good quotes of other passages from ancient Alchemists and one or two of them, from a certain Peter Bonus 1338 AD, is considerably interesting. It has to do with sublimation and purification. Only this author who names himself "Anonymous", in his Glossary of definitions in Alchemy, explains the definition of Sublimation incorrectly... This books is no longer listed as being available in the forgotten books archives... In the Authors "Forward" the author was in fear of his life for giving out this information with this book, but still tried to get people to ask questions so that he could revise this copy in the future by opening a forum through "", which is no longer available. At any rate it would be interesting to know if this author is still under us living. I give this book so many stars, because he can explain things well, the way he sees them. I would really like to trade ideas with this author, if he would. I have his algorithm. The only problem is, anybody who has a copy of this book, has a copy of this value as well... And I don't know how to check for this SHA-1 algorithm value. Before I start on this, I would like to get a better understanding of the theory...

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